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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paths of Hate by Damian Nenow

How far does the rage go between men? Man vs. man, ideologies, war, illogic... An interesting and very well done reflection on the war.

The struggle. Its scale is irrelevant or the ideology that stands behind it, no matter whether it is two people or a million. It is followed by only a scar - the bloody traces... Paths of Hate is a short tale about beasts, which lie dormant deep in the human soul and push them into the abyss of blind hatred, rage, and anger. Chasm that leads to the inevitable destruction and annihilation. In the sea of comprehensive, grim, existential desire to put an animation film which will be primarily for spectator entertainment. A spectacular and visually attractive movie. On the other hand I wanted that Paths of Hate was more than just another pokazówka technical capabilities, all hitting the wielgachnych robots or trolls Paths of Hate is an audiovisual project in its truest sense. - Damian Nenow.

Nenow creates his films from the very beginning, assuming that music and sound is no less than half of the final result. However, what made the film music for this animation is quite a surprise even for the artist: "I never expected it to rise to my film fully worthy rock hit," say Nenow.

Paths of Hates (Poland, 2010) directed and written by Damien Nenow

Thanks Jas for this great video.

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